Sage 3D

Game Description…

    Sage 3D is a puzzle game with over 170 levels!  Some levels have random pieces dropped before play for an added dimension of unpredictability.  Special effects and SEVERAL backgrounds, EACH WITH multiple skies & landscapes, make playing for hours irresistible!  There is even a record & playback feature allowing you to remember how you conquered certain levels and to see how the author played the tutorial levels for teaching purposes.  You can also make your own levels!  Believe me, playing them will not usually be easy!

    Although each board MAY have different objectives, the game is simply based upon each PIECE TYPE (of all pieces on the board) having its own way of reacting WHEN CAPTURED.  There are 17 different "piece types", only a couple of which YOU can drop onto the board during play.  When pieces are captured, they may change piece type, ownership, both or neither, varying with each piece’s type.  Some can explode and capture surrounding pieces, fire boxes melt player owned pieces on top of them, etc.  Tutorial levels (21) make learning an easy hands on experience, exploring each piece type so that you can tackle the main levels in no time!  Don't worry.  Most of the piece types behave similarly, or are closely related to certain other pieces.

    In one level you may try blowing up all the cherry bombs to force the gold bars that were on top of them to fall into reach to be captured.  In another level you may try to capture the keylock boxes so that you can access gold bars below that you couldn’t reach otherwise, careful not to inadvertently capture lemon bombs, causing them to explode.  Some levels may have skull bombs falling from above melting through other pieces until they reach board square level.  Then they will blow up the square and take all pieces on top of them into the drink below.  Capture all skull bombs at board square level for a HUGE bonus, but get them before they foil your objectives!  The possibilities are limitless!!!