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Scary Sounds I & II…

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    Strap yourself in and fight the urge to soil yourself as you embark on a trip through a cemetery and into a mad man's mansion, where victims still scream for help in various chambers.  As the thunder and wind pick up, the sound of wolves and coyotes barking in the distance seem to come nearer.  You hear a low hum of chanting somewhere as church bells chime and ravens make the strangest sounds, but there is no church nearby.

   You reach the mansion at last, going in just as the wolves and owls approach to announce your near fatal escape.  Closing the door upon going inside, what will you find?  Perhaps a dead ringer staring at you down the hall, just one of many victims pounding on their casket lids for help.  Somewhere within, a ghostly organist still plays to the cheer of those no longer with us, at least not by our understanding.  Creaking doors, bats, rats, cats, howls, music, hangings, torture chambers, electrical sounds, sacrifices, echoes and more!  When the music box plays a song for the dead and baby's laughter turns to tears, come on in!  We'd love to have you for dinner!

    "Scary Sounds I - Ghostly Murmurs" is perfect for haunted houses and Halloween parties, or just for sitting back in a dark corner with a ghostly friend of your own.  Nobody has to know. What makes this CD different from many others is the continuous play for nearly an hour, and the special effects applied more liberally to the sounds and voices throughout.  You'll love the change!  Now go change your underwear!  Mom's making chocolate covered roaches, caramel razor bladed Adam's apples on a stick, TUNA CASKET ROLL, and COFFIN CAKE for dessert!  Wash your hands!



Scary Sounds I -

Ghostly Murmurs…

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