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Scary Sounds I & II…

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    Tighten the straps on your straitjacket and brace for impact!  Ghostly lunatics are being chased by the hounds and huntsmen right to your door.  Your adventure in door and window breaking, people munching and bone snapping is about to begin.  Hide from chattering demons, angry dogs and other creatures unknown to man.  Hear gunshots of victims defending their home, and snakes that hiss and slither looking for prey with their demon masters.

    Witness a woman's grandfather flatlining in a hospital, only to get back up again.  Listen as she receives phone calls from her dead grandparents, who promise to visit again at the foot of her bed in order to drag her screaming down the hall into darkness with them!  Rain and thunder, winds and chimes, bodies broken upon table saws and grinders, and insane laughter to make it fun for the whole family!  We'll rip'ya a new one if you just let us in!



Scary Sounds II -

Psychotic Phantasm…

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